by Cut Moose

Point de fuite - Vanishing point is NOT another cheesy show about immigrants! "Vanishing Point" is a wicked cocktail of fiercely ironic performance laced with hilariously surreal buffoonery. The show investigates the way the European Media talks about immigration and puts our reaction in the spotlight.

Developed and devised using current Media articles, the show deftly fuses puppetry, technology, an old Pierrot, physical humour, audience participation and a sharp view on today's world to make you sit up and think, as you laugh.



by Ursa Maior Teatro

Italian Politics as a Work of Art is a dada performance running on two tracks: one is the story of a man and a woman in an apocalyptic set (a long blackout populated by a strange army), a situation which makes people rethink about the concept of evolution; the other track (the characters’ nightmares) is a readymade, a script created from the interceptions from the “Ruby’s case”, which involves the Italian former Prime Minister Berlusconi and an underage Moroccan girl.

Marcel is a performance/installation inspired by Duchamp and “The Wizard of Oz”, (born in the recession of the late ‘800), crossing the concept of contemporary crisis, which forces us to re-invent, deconstruct, thing again to the world and re-use its wastes.

A crisis which allows wizards, good-natured poseurs and pretenders, to exist.

We wanted to create an installation.

But Dadaism won the day and we started stuttering.

Da da da da.

Which is the shape of a dada performance?

Starting from a physical training we could build the performance on two layers: while the dialogs tell a story, our actions can tell another one.

Marcel is an attempt to create a dialog between theatre and contemporary world.

The readymade part of this first edition has been taken from the public document of the Court of Milan which formally required Silvio Berlusconi to appear before a judge for the famous “Ruby’s case”. It was actually a ready-made script we just had to cut down.

Marcel, however, is not a performance about Berlusconi. The Italian former Prime Minister and his politics are a mere means to talk about our reality.

Apart from the use of ready-made, the performance is permeated by images and themes from the dada movement: the stage is invaded by half-machine men and prostitutes, as in a post-war set.